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Welcome to the world of Cliplie

What is Cliplie ?

Cliplie is the first construction game made with fabric! It is a cross between an innovative game and a creative leisure.

Fun and educational, it stimulates the imagination to create any object one desires, by assembling triangular pieces using snap fasteners,

The triangles can be clipped, folded and set up to create multi dimensions objects.

What can we make with Cliplie ?

These objects can be some purses, pencil cases, pencil holders, body armor, helmets, castles, etc… More than 1500 creations !

Cliplie can be easily clipped together and taken apart to create new objects. Its modular structure strikes out a new path in creative games.

Cliplie is also…

A game which develop the creativity, which stimulate the imagination of children, to have the notion of volume, to make productive activities, to introduce mathematical and geometry notions and to work the user’s motor skills, whatever the age.

Cliplie using the sense of touch with its material and its small geomatrically-textured shapes.

Cliplie has been rewarded !

The Concours Lepine 2014 and also 2016 recognizing the originality of Cliplie with a silver medal.

As well, Laureate JANUS of the design industry by L’Institut Français du Design, on september 2016.


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Conformité Européenne Cliplie
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Cyndie Zulian, créatrice de ClipLie

« Live Your Ideas »

My name is Cyndie Zulian and I am a designer and passionate creator.

Since I was young, I have always been drawing and working with materials to create objects.

My pleasure is to turn imagination into reality !

I like to go through each step from creation to completion. To make my product alive ! to see and touch my creations.

What a joy and satisfaction to show people how to discover the creations and to make my work accessible and arouse desire.

My objects are unique and original !

I will never stop creating !

My difference : simplicity of the object.

My philosophy : to live my ideas !

Cyndie Zulian

Passion and DNA of the invention !

I come from of an artistic family with a father who was industrial designer then computer engineer and a mother specialising in interior decorator. I could only ever be a designer !

The inventive spirit is a family tradition : « my grand-father made his childrens toys himself ».

CLIPLIE saw the light further to the creatorof a modulable and personalised bag.

Everyone is free to create their own bag in fitting with their personality.

Adapting the bag creatives various accessories I knew immediatly that product had further creative possibilities.

The first time which I presented this game to the public it was at the « Concours Lepine 2014 » exhibition. I was pleasantly surprised that the parents and children appreciated my product. This gave me the confidence to do more and to produce and commercialize my idea.

I very quickly founded my company, Inventif Studio.

With CLIPLIE children have the possibility to create whatever, to have the notion of volume and to develop their imagination !

Cyndie Zulian

Cyndie la créatrice





Pack Cliplie Total 18 triangles

With 18 triangles you can realize :

- Pencil holder

- Mask

- Purse

- Pencil case

- Star

- Basket

More than 1000 objects!


Frisbee 12 triangles ClipLie

With 12 triangles you can realize :

- Pencil case

- Pencil holder

- Little purse

- Star

- Wallet

- ...


Crown or Wheel Cliplie 23 triangles

With 23 triangles you can realize :

More than 1000 objects!


Shop on Cliplie or :

Shop on
Shop on

Mask Cliplie 23 triangles

With 23 triangles you can realize :

Mask Cliplie 23 triangles


Star Cliplie 7 triangles

With 7 triangles you can realize :

- Pencil holder

- Star

- Wallet

- Little purse

- Bracelet

- ...


Pencil holder Cliplie 7 triangles




assembly instructions Cliplie
Assembly Instructions Cliplie
Cliplie entretien





Mask Cliplie - 18 and 23 triangles

Pencil holder - 7 triangles

Pencil case - 9 triangles

Purse without chain - 16 triangles

Flower Cliplie - 7 triangles

Frisbee - 12 triangles

Basket - 18 triangles

Star - 7 triangles




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CLIPLIE won the JANUS award from the French design industry, (L’ Institut Français du Design 2016).

CLIPLIE on VONEWS television report : exhibition Noël Avant L'heure

The collection has been SUCCESSFUL on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank !

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Silver Medal at Concours Lepine in 2014 and 2016

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CLIPLIE was rewarded Good Practice 2015 by International Design for All Foundation Awards 2016

Article par les Activités Périscolaires : KIDEXPO 2015 : coup de coeur pour CLIPLIE !




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